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Building a house

After purchasing a 45 hectars piece of Dehesa land close to the city of Cordoba in Spain we began to construct a small house ourselves. 95% of the work is done by ourselves. The rest is contracted out to people like electricians - basically for types of work where it is safer to know what you are doing.

The building is supposed to be temporary, which is why we didn’t build a solid foundation but instead put it on cinder blocks. We are doing the whole project also to learn and find out where the limits of do-it-yourself are for us.

In the beginning it was mostly working alone on it with some help from family members.

House 1

That got the subfloor built. Then we hired a farmhand and the construction is done between Juan - the farmhand - and myself. Here and there we get some help from neighbors or hire another person for a couple of days.

House 3

The project started in December 2017 and by early May in 2018 we got to the point that it really does look like a real house. Initially the work had a lot of pauses in between steps. Since hiring Juan speed increased.

House 2

31 Dec 2017 Building the subfloor for the temporary housing at the farm
13 Jan 2018 Decking for the subfloor
21 Jan 2018 First time framing walls
04 Feb 2018 All walls have been completed
21 Mar 2018 Progress on the house build
21 Jun 2018 Progress on the house build 2
23 Jun 2018 Adding the Mongolian Yurt to the building
24 Jun 2018 Adding a second half to the house
25 Jun 2018 Closing in the roof
27 Jun 2018 Water proofing the roof
07 Jul 2018 Consumed by tall gras
08 Jul 2018 Every guy needs a backhoe
09 Jul 2018 Installing water pipe for the kitchen
11 Jul 2018 Decking the roof
14 Jul 2018 Electrical wiring
15 Jul 2018 Wrapping the house in paper
19 Jul 2018 Solar power for the house
21 Jul 2018 Installing windows
22 Jul 2018 Putting up drywall and insulation
31 Jul 2018 It is moving day
04 Aug 2018 Washing and drying with solar power
31 Aug 2018 Air conditioner for the offgrid house
03 Nov 2018 Working on the inside of the house
29 Dec 2018 Spent the night in the new house