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Development of ALE News

ALE News is a news website with user-contributed content. ALE refers to the ALE network for collaboration of Agile & Lean thinkers and activists across Europe.

Sometime in 2012 I first started this little side project and published a first version. Unfortunately, as it always happens, I got too busy with clients and other things and had to abandon the project for a while.

Now I’m trying to restart it in a slightly different way. What follows are pointers to a collection of articles about how I develop the new version of ALE News using Acceptance Test-Driven Development, which happens to be what most of my clients these days want to learn.

The new version of ALE News should not so much be a public service but instead a tool to show to potential and existing clients how one would develop a product using Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD).

Open source

The source code for this project is available at GitHub.