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Open Source

From time to time I contribute to open source software or develop something of my own. This page holds references to these projects.


RAutomation is a library to automate Windows applications for automated testing. I have contributed Ruby, C/C++ code to add support for more controls such as checkbox, radio button, list view, combobox. Besides sending Windows messages I’m using Microsoft Active Accessibility and Microsoft UI Automation via a custom C/C++ DLL.

The official RAutomation site: https://github.com/jarmo/RAutomation My RAutomation fork: https://github.com/snscaimito/RAutomation


rmq is a wrapper library to make the C language API of IBM’s MQ product available to Ruby programmers. There has been another gem “ruby-wmq” but it was a C extension and only works with MRI Ruby. That leaves people using other Rubies like JRuby without support. Plus it appears that “ruby-wmq” is no longer supported.

rmq at github: https://github.com/snscaimito/rmq