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Highlights of 2006

In late June our relocation to Panama started and in July I started to work from my new office in Panama City. By the end of the month the 40’ container with all our belongings arrived and we were able to move into the new apartment for real.

In August the office got a high speed connection to the Internet and I also hired my first employee in Panama.

When one is in a new place there are many new things and keeping your eyes open is important. Based on observations in September I wrote an article about Latin American business culture

In November the American owner of a startup in Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge), which is some sort of a technology park in Panama City, asked me to lead his development team.

In December I got ready to fly to Miami to attend the Spring Experience conference. I had also started to work on a book on Acegi Security for Sourcebeat.

Photo Galleries

Whenever you move to a new place you will be curious. So were we. Panama City Impressions shows what we discovered during our first rounds around the new place.

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