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2006, Panama City Impressions is from a stroll around Panama City where we lived for a couple of years from 2006 on.

2006, Panama City Beaches shows scenes from beaches within short distance from Panama City.

2006, Every 4th of November Panama celebrates Flag Day in honor of their national flag.

2007, Isla Grande is a little island very close to the shore of Northern Panama.

2007, In the mountains of Veraguas we visited a coffee factory.

2007, In the country side between cattle and rice fields I participated in the first Panama JUG Conference.

2009, Festival de Naranja in Cacoa is about the celebration of the orange production in the small village of Cacoa in Western Panama.

2009, I was invited to witness a private cow slaugther near the village of Sora in Western Panama.

2009, Exploring to find a nice piece of land around Teria Nacimiento

2009, First time horseback riding

2009, Near where we lived people had a dancing event.

2009, We went to see a Panamanian all female rodeo called Nacionales de Amazonas

2009, While working with Lean Dog I had an opportunity to observe the Cleveland Air Show from their boat where their office is located.

2010, Transmitter Altos Del Maria shows the construction of a solar and wind powered transmission tower for Internet access at a small settlement in Western Panama.

2010 - 2011, Horses in Panama is about the horses I had while living in Panama.

2006 - 2011, Discoveries in Panama is a mix of pictures that show something that caught my curiosity.