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Developing a farmstead in Andalucia, Spain

In 2017 my family and I acquired a piece of land of 45 hectars in size. At the time of purchase there was an old abandoned farmhouse, some infrastructure and the place has been used to keep some cattle and iberian pigs.

In September 2018 we had made a number of modifications, including building a new house to be able to live on the land instead of visiting now and then:

Andalucia Farmstead 2018

In 2018 the old structures are still untouched. Our goal is to live at the place as soon as possible in order to avoid a daily commute of 100 km roundtrip.

The category FARM-LIFE groups random articles about the progress of our work. We use a special website bosque.caimito.net to document our agricultural experiments. Over there we also have a number of internal tools for the administration of the farm that are accessible for members of our farm crew.