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Adding the Mongolian Yurt to the building

By the end of March we began to unpack the Mongolian Yurt. This round building is supposed to become our sleeping quarters in the back of the little house. We’ve visited yurts before and the feeling inside is cosy and somehow a bit cave-like. It does appeal and feels natural. It really is a place to retreat to.

Unpacking the Mongolian Yurt from its crate

The yurt’s wooden parts are painted in vivid colors.

Beautiful wooden door

After struggling for a long time with the wood stakes to stay and not fall down constantly we managed to come to this point. It was already late (20:30 hrs) when I took the picture.

The yurt is almost done

The next day we came back but only to find more issues. The door is supposed to attach to the hallway leading into the solid house. We had some issues in placing everything well together. We tried to use some blocking in order to later seal the gap with tarp.

An attempt to close the gap between house and yurt

It turns out that this is not going to look pretty and probably not going to work well either.

Not really beautiful

The door would stay open and reach into the hallway.

Door opening into the hallway

What then really broke the straw is the fact that the door is really made for smaller people. Add to that that entering the yurt would also mean to step down a bit. This is not going to work!

The door is for smaller people

So in the end after two days of struggle we decided to scratch the idea and packed up the yurt again.

Nah! Better look for a different solution

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