Stephan Schwab

Exploring to find a nice piece of land

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In 2009 we moved out of the city to the country side of Western Panama. We liked the surroundings and started to toy with the idea of buying a piece of land and build a home in rural Panama. So on one day I took the Jeep, added a 20l gasoline canister and started exploring.

This is from a place called Teria Nacimiento.

        There is only one road. I followed it deeper and deeper into the mountains. I passed a few simple shacks. That is how some families live.

                                    More houses could be seen in the distance.

                                          Eventually I reached the end of the road.

                                          There was a family waiting to find transportation to the bus stop on the major highway several kilometers away. As I had space I offered to take them including two big bags of their produce.