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Agile Cologne 2014

This morning I went to Cologne for the open space conference Agile Cologne. I took off from Aschaffenburg (EDFC) a few minutes before 09:00LT and arrived 50 minutes later at Cologne airport (EDDK).

From 10,000ft (FL100) I was able to enjoy a beautiful view with some nice white fluffy clouds below me.

2014 06 13 09.15.30

2014 06 13 09.15.33

ATC offered me runway 24 and I had the choice between the NDB or the RNAV approach. I opted for RNAV. Unfortunately, RNAV 24 is an old-style LNAV approach. That means it is a non-precision approach without vertical guidance. I do miss the RNAV LPV approaches that are basically virtual ILS and to which I grew so accustomed to during my training in USA.

2014 06 13 09.22.50

After very pleasant conversations with old and new friends it was time to head home. The weather in the Cologne area had changed a little bit and on my initial climb I passed through a very thin cloud layer.

2014 06 13 19.10.14

This time I had a tailwind at FL100 and after just 35 minutes I touched down at Aschaffenburg.

On my way from the airfield back home I was smiling quite a lot while I remembered all those times last year when I was stuck in stop and go traffic on the Autobahn from Cologne to Frankfurt. On a really bad day the drive took me 5 hours.

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