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Rainforest Farm

Some entries in this blog are about my (Stephan Schwab) venture to aquire land and build a working farm in the eastern part of the Panama province in the Republic of Panama. We have tropical climate and real rainforest down here. I will talk frequently about my Panamanian foreman Luis. There will be plenty of pictures and maybe a few videos too.

Stephan Schwab

My name is Stephan Schwab. I moved to Panama in 2006 and my wife and I have been enjoying living here ever since. This whole farm thing is something completely new to me. I’m not a farmer by trade. My profession is software development and I usually work for clients outside of Panama as a Software Technology Consultant. I view running a farm as a good way to get away from the computer screen and free my mind. Plus being outdoors and in nature is more healthy. I don’t like to run track or spend time in a fitness studio working machines. I’d rather do something that’s a means to an end. I think the farm will provide a lot of opportunities for that.

Luis Valiente
Luis Valiente is a 26 year old (at the time of writing this) Panamanian born to a Colombian father and Panamanian mother. He lives with his wife and children in the village of Sora in the mountains above Coronado in the western part of the Panama province. He has worked in construction before, has a diploma in welding and in general has a very flexible mind and great service oriented attitude. Luis is the foreman of the farm and is in charge of doing things as well as dealing with suppliers, peons and related tasks.

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If this is your first visit

As we found the farm in April 2009 and visited the first time in May it was accessible by horse only. There is a dirt road leading to it, you have to cross two rivers and then the rest of the way is on horseback. The following links go to posts with pictures and descriptions of what it is like.

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January 12, 2009 at 4:19 am


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