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Luzero's accident and rescue

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Luzero, Toby and Pedron were visiting a teak plantation with us for a friend. Unfortunately Luzero trusted the ground ahead a bit too much and sank in.

The poor guy has all his legs buried into that slimy mud and somehow decided to rest a while. He did not try to get up onto his hoofs again. He was just laying there breathing heavily.

Luis looked for something we could lay onto the mud so that we can reach Luzero without sinking in ourselves. We wanted to take the saddle off him so that will be easier for him to stand up. There were some dead palm trees close by that looked as they were good enough for the task.

Off came the saddle and everything else. He was still breathing heavy so we let him rest a while.

In the meantime we looked around to find something we could use to put under his body to prevent it from sinking in deeper. We found a big tire and rolled it over to where Luzero was waiting for help.

While lifting his head we put the tire further under his shoulder and by dragging him on head and tail he managed to get up.

There is here is. Free again! Dirty and he smells quite bad but it ended all well. No leg broken, nothing hurt.

There is a river around the corner so we took him there for a good bath. I’m sure he enjoyed the fresh water quite a lot.

Written by Stephan Schwab

October 15, 2009 at 1:39 pm

Posted in Farm Life

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